Our Offer
We offer corporate business simulation training that is convenient to all corporate entity including NGOs at affordable price. Click to learn more about the packages.
we also provide website building and development services at affordable price. Click to learn more about our products.

Our consultancy services cover the following areas:

  • Information technology,
  • Aggro-allied industries,
  • Education and examination,
  • Business management,
  • Investment and financial management,
  • Special request/services.

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Note:   Our consultancy services are free where the information needed by the clients are in our store. However, where the information needed by the client is not in our store, the client will pay our administrative charge for sourcing the information. the administrative charge will only cover the cost of obtaining the information which may vary depending on the type of the information. Cost of obtaining the information will be forwarded to the client for payment before service is provided.